All About the Gold Cuban Link Chain Necklace


Cuban Link Chain (or also known as Miami Cuban chains) are simply amazing evolution of that hip-hop jewelry fad that started in the late seventies to mid-eighties. The original style was that of a rope necklace and chain but over time, with the advancements in materials used and designs introduced, the chain became a fashionable accessory all on its own. There are many different chain styles but the most popular is the standard “C” shaped link chain which is made of 24 link strands, each of which are twisted together and knotted to form a beautiful design that can be worn on almost any part of the body. The chain can come in a variety of beautiful finishes such as sterling silver, gold or even sterling silver combined.

This jewelry can be worn in so many ways it’s amazing. You can wear it on your ankle, on your wrist, on your shoulder, on your back, on your neck or on your front. It can be worn for everyday casual fashion or you can give it more of a glamorous look by wearing it with formal attire. Whatever your choice is, this jewelry has definitely become a staple in a lot of women’s jewelry boxes. There are several reasons behind this trend; it’s simple, it’s versatile, it’s eye catching and it’s inexpensive.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are two main categories of this particular chain. There are the sterling silver “C” shaped link chains and then you also have the white gold “C” shaped chains. Now, this may sound confusing especially because in the beginning when these jewelry pieces were first introduced, the prices were quite high due to the high quality of metals used. However, nowadays due to improvements in production techniques, the prices of these jewelry pieces have decreased to where they are comparable with other jewelry pieces in terms of quality and affordability.

Of course, there are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when you wear this jewelry on a daily basis. For one thing, it’s a great necklace to wear if you’re going out with a girl friend, or going to work. If you wear a white gold or sterling silver “C” shaped necklace with the Cuban link chains, chances are your girl friend will also wear one, or maybe you can casually ask her to give you her advice on which necklace to wear. This will definitely come in handy because not only will you both look good together, but you’ll also feel good about it.

Another benefit that you can get from this type of jewelry is that it’s really versatile. For one thing, there are a lot of different jewelry designs that are created using the sterling silver or gold links. You can find the most popular ones include the butterfly, heart, floral and flower arrangements. However, there are also some designs that you won’t find too often including the double circle, diamond and a number of others.

Something else that you can get out of wearing this jewelry is that you can create your own fashion statements. Even though the gold and silver Cuban link chains are considered to be very versatile, you can still take advantage of all the different ones available. With a few simple alterations, you can easily create different looks that will help you make a statement about who you are and what kind of style you are trying to portray. This means you’re free to be yourself and show everyone just exactly how unique you truly are.

Also, you should know that the gold and silver necklaces that contain the Cuban link chains are very affordable. They are also very affordable when compared to those chains that contain a lot more material. For example, when you compare them to the chains made from gold and silver that contain genuine gems, you will see that they are much cheaper and more affordable as well. Therefore, it is a very good idea for you to wear these types of chains if you are on a budget and you would like to create a more stylish look.

Finally, another thing you should know about the gold Cuban link chain necklace is that you can wear it to almost any occasion. You will be able to wear the jewelry with formal wear as well as with casual clothes. You can also wear the jewelry under a business suit without looking odd. Therefore, it is a very good idea for you to buy one of these chains so you can wear it as much as possible.

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